Clean up America was started by Chad Hetzell and Sarah Goyette as a mission to clean up the trash that spoils our beautiful country. 

The whole idea started as a personal mission to clean up a park near Sarah's home.   Sarah and Chad spent and continue to spend many hours picking up the enormous amounts of trash within this park.  Realizing that they could not clean it all up at once due to the sheer volume of garbage, the mission become "one bag at time".   This made the project seem more achievable and not quite so time consuming.  Over time a real difference was made.  As a result, Chad then started to fill bags with garbage around his work location, "one bag at a time".  Again a difference was made.  

Taking the idea of "one bag at a time".  Chad and Sarah thought wouldn't it be great if we could get more people to do the same.   Well it is great!  Thus the start of!     

We propose a simple concept.  One bag, once a month!  That's it.  It may not seem like much, but if a thousand people do the same, that's one thousand bags of garbage off our streets and out of our parks.   Imagine if we could get a million people.  That's a lot of trash out of the environment, yet very little work for each of us.  No rules, no guilt, no sign ups, no schedules, it's all up to you!  Although friends should always be welcome!  The more the merrier, right?   



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Of course Clean Up America strongly encourages recycling.  You will find that most of what is lying around is mostly recyclables.    When we clean, we always have a bag for recycling and a bag for trash.  "Hey that's two bags"   Well yes it is, but remember we do this together and therefore we fill two bags, one for each of us.  We put our recyclables out on recycling day and our trash out with trash day. Super simple. 

If your town single streams  (mixes trash with recycling), great, easier for you.  If you don't want to sort, no problem, remember "no guilt".  Let's just get the garbage where it belongs and out of our public parks, neighborhoods, and road sides! 

"Brag about your Bag"  Post it on our Facebook page or send us an email with a picture of you and your bag and we'll post it!